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July 21, 2013

(July 28, 2004), I created a “date book.” It was my first date with my daughter, Maggie, who was 5 years old at that time. I decided that we would track all of our special dates throughout life in this little green journal. I figured at that time that one day my daughter would date and even potentially wed. I plan to hand this book over to Maggie’s future spouse so he/she can read all about the fun and creative dates my daughter would learn to enjoy with me. It is now summer (’13) and there have been 15 special dates registered in this book and soon to be 16. Sadly, I would have thought there would be many more these past years, but life moves fast and it is not as easy as one would think. Our dates range from dinners, movies and Church square dances, to picnics and Billy Joel concerts. Spare ribs seems to be the food theme as do walking in parks and listening to music. One date had a big change of plans as we went to enter a Wild game that had already been played the Saturday night (the week before).

My favorite date was July 29, 2007. Journal entry as follows:

We picked a perfect 87 degree “blue -sky” day with no humidity. We went on a picnic (Picnic basket and all). We packed a blanket, Famous Dave’s sauce, and lots of napkins. Before the picnic we found ourselves at the Wild Rumpus Book Store. The store this book originally came from. Maggie found a cat book, “50 ways to make friends with your kitten,” was the name of the book. We then picked up ribs and some fries and found some shade at Lake Harriet Band Shelter. There was an orchestra playing so it was jammed with people enjoying the nice weather. We had a special picnic there and then relaxed on the blanket for about 5 very long symphony songs. After the picture perfect dinner at the shaded picnic spot, we drove to Sebastian Joe’s for an ice cream caramel sundae. “It was the best ice cream ever,” according to Maggie. I am now writing in our back yard with a fire in the fire pit. Charlie and Nancy are at a Little League party. As, I am writing in this book, I came up with an idea for Maggie and I. Creating a DATE BOOK for other fathers and daughters. Simple but fun and very rewarding if nothing else. I will research this some more and update the progress later.We ended the date with a game of Sorry- one of Maggie’s favorite games.

This week our son heads to Camp. Maggie and I agreed to another date. We plan to go to Leanne Chin’s for dinner. I am looking forward to it and wonder if she will think of wearing her Paris Perfume I once bought her. I will update my Daughter Date Night blog as she turns a new Chapter in life- (High School).

July 27-14 

Time for an update….a new Chapter as promised as 1 year is behind Maggie now at H.S. And 1 year ago since my last Blog writing- “Daughter Date Night”

It comes at quite a coincidence that I sit here today updating this Blog.  Why? Well we just had a “date” again today. It was quite spontaneous and nothing fancy and was not a Night Date.  This morning Maggie decided to go jogging with me.  Whether it was for her own desire to stay fit or observation I was falling out of shape, the good news was that it was her idea.  It was a short date with hopes of  longer chats and repetitive conversations as the distance of the runs intensify. We accomplished our first goal together of  a simple 1.5 mile jaunt, but already have plans to work it up to the 3 miles over the next 6-8 weeks and the ultimate goal/prize of an October 4th 5-K Run at Charlie’s College- St. Olaf.  We sat down after the jog (quick date) and Maggie found a Nike APP to download and track our progress on her I-Phone.  I would normally write in the little Green Book about our date but technology took over. In fact, she and Nancy are out looking for an armband to hold her I-Phone as she realized music will help distract the knee pain and side aches that will surely occur.

Maggie did have a date (not me) her first year @ High School. It was a Sadie Hawkins Dance.  Nancy and I held the pre-dance dinner here at our home with about 30 total party-goers. I recall not getting too choked up over her first date with another guy.  After all, his Mom drove them to the dance from our house.  I felt Maggie was in control of this one. Girl asked Boy…our house…large group…All good!- What could possibly go wrong?  So far so good!


July 7-27 -14 Date Run

July 7-27 -14 Date Run


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