23 Years…So Many Memories

20 Years...So Many Memories

As we sent off Charlie to college in 2013, we added another to the family, Hubbell, (our Yellow Lab). This  picture was taken by our daughter Maggie, in Northfield, MN. (near St. Olaf College).

On October 2, 1993 Nancy and I got married.  23 Short Years ago.  We met on a blind date.  At that time in my life I was doing best to pay my 1/2 rent to a roommate that was quite successful and wanted the Condo to be “top notch” and “the best in the Twin Cities”.  I had just lost my job but was falling madly in love with what I felt was soon going to be my “wife to- be”. We went for a walk the day after our first date around Lake of the Isles.  We discussed everything …and from that day on…and for days and months and just over a year we could not stop talking. Loving her was quite simple.  She accepted me for who I was and I felt I could trust her for the rest of my life and for 24 years she has not let me down. (the 1 year we dated I also trusted her, thus 24).  What makes our marriage work? She trusts me as well. We would do anything for each other and though we disagree from time to time- we find ways to accept each other’s ideas.  We make it work.  5 things that I will never forget about my wife these past 23 years of marriage:

  1. We were once on a trip to Jamaica,  A Cruise Ship had caught fire and unloaded 50 people at our resort. Some of them had no clothes or belongings to take with them due to the fire on the boat.  Nancy immediately went to our room and packed up nearly all her clothes and handed them over to a woman that appeared to be her dimensions.  She simply said, take my clothes- use them and keep them.
  2.  About 4 years after we wed, I  was offered a job in Portland, OR.  I was to manage Seattle and Portland markets for a Telecom Firm.  We found a buyer for our home and actually had made an offer out in the Pacific NW on a home.  I had accepted the offer and the company flew us out to meet and to find a school for our son at that time.  As we went to bed, Nancy said she did not feel right about it.  Stunned, I said, “Ok, if you do not feel good about this- we will rescind the offer and hopefully I can get my job back and hopefully the buyers will understand we want our home back”.  (in Minneapolis) It all worked out as planned- and I thank Nancy for her honesty and uneasiness.
  3. About 8 years into our marriage, my wife asked if I was getting a lot out of our Catholic Church we were then attending.  I replied, “no”. At that time, our son seemed to be getting a lot out of a different one.  We checked it out together, and soon after joined a Lutheran Church, of which we have been active members ever since. Our kids have been in the choir and involved in Summer Camps and has truly been a big foundation of our lives.
  4. My “Martha Stewart.”  My wife knows how to throw a party. We have hosted several over the years- usually involving our kids and their friends on special occasions.  She is known for her cupcakes and most know this about her. But her creative way of hosting a party is a special gift. It is something I will always remember about Nancy.
  5. Kids.  No one I know could have done a better job raising our kids. She simply knows how to do it. Sure, I have my roles into parenting as well.  We seem to have good balance, but it is Nancy that should take the credit.  We are fortunate.  Time flies while raising kids- and there is truly nothing better in life than having them.  We look for the day our kids will have them of their own.  We can wait but will love to see this chapter unfold in the next 23.

Nancy, Thanks for your giving and never taking. Thanks for your instincts. Thanks for your willingness to take our lives’ paths together. Thanks for your creativity that is unmatched.  And  finally, thanks for loving me and loving our kids.

I look forward to at least 50 more years as it would be so special to celebrate 75 years together.  Think of all those memories!

Love you – HAPPY 23



3 thoughts on “23 Years…So Many Memories

  1. What a nice tribute to your wife…Jeff and I have shared many similar experiences..I look forward to reading future posts….hope to see you and Nancy at our 35 reunion next year!


  2. You’re totally right. Nancy is incredible, but so are you. Mostly you are incredible together. The two of you have a legacy of love that your kids will remember forever.

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